Typeface Creation Project

I am starting the typeface and thinking that I wanted something slanted and angled. I am really happy with the “A” that I circled. The ones that I circled are my favorites that I drew up. I accidentally made an “H” when I was trying to make a “B” and I really enjoyed it. I love accidental awesome. I don’t think any of my “B’s” are good. The “U” is okay and I hate the “T’s”

As I was continuing, however, I noticed that my hands were shaking really bad. I noticed that even though there was not a specific rhyme nor reason to the parts that bled out of my letters, the characters had a static like feel to them. I ran with that and drew out the entire alphabet and I am quite happy with it honestly. Here are a couple pictures of the static alphabet.

Typography Demystified Readings

For today’s assignment we were given readings about the classifications of typefaces. There was a lot that I did not know about the study of typefaces that was interesting to me.

Robert Bringhurst was a particularly cool part of the reading. His system of classifying type is primarily set in Art history periods, which I think is a really cool way of classifying type. This is just fascinating to me, but it makes a lot of sense the more that I think about it.

It was also really cool to read all the historical text on typefaces. One part that stood out in these parts, from the first reading about Making sense of Type classifications, was that each style of type belongs to a certain type family, but each style also has their own unique identifiers. Such as the Garalde type that is still described as a humanistic type.

Another cool fact that I did not know was that glyphic types are derived from chisel instead of other type. Again, this makes sense to me, but I just never put two and two together.

From the final reading, I was not aware of the usage of type in coding. Specifically the usage of monospaced type. It was obvious after I think about it, but it still took me by surprise.

These readings were a little dry, but ultimately I am glad that they were assigned. I love the foundational history of all the courses that I take. It is always really cool for me to see themes that cross various subjects that I take.

Typography II Cube Project

Hello everyone,

My name is Nick and I chose the Droid typeface family for the cube project. The reason I chose this typeface is because it is the one that the Snapper student newspaper, which I am Opinion editor of, uses for our body copy in the print newspaper.

This is a picture of the prototype draft I made on Adobe Illustrator:

I wanted to make the text purple at first, but I decided to go with black and white for the final piece.

Here is a picture of the prototype cube:

I decided to change up the text for the cube and focus more on the information about Droid. The typeface was created for Android devices in 2007. the creator, Steve Matteson is a typeface creator that works for Ascender.

This is a more updated idea that I wanted for the cube. I was working on the project in the Snapper office and I thought to take out the purple at this point. It did not feel like it had anything to do with Droid.

This photo features the faded text that is in the background of the sides of the cube. It is binary for The quick brown fox jumps over 13 lazy dogs. I thought it would look neat to show binary for the droid typeface.

I thought it would look cool due to the name droid. Binary is a droid-like language for me. I think it was cool to show the entire letter of the alphabet in binary.

This is the final picture that I designed. I hope that it works out well.

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